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About us

 I'll tell you a story ....

When I was a kid, I remember my mother taking yarn and needles -and me, taking my cut-out paper dolls called ‘Manina’- and go visit her friend Mrs. Sophia. Mrs Sophia was from Smyrna and very good at knitting. She taught my mother how to knit and my moter taught me. A teaching chain...

Many years later I went to Paris to study for my Master in Marketing. There, I found a very good opportunity to attend seminars on knitting. It was then that my mother went from ‘teacher’ back to ‘student’ and when I’d say to her ‘But this is an old technique!’, I’d be answered with ‘This is how we did it with Mrs. Sophia and it turned out nice!’

Eventually, fed up of the crazy schedules and Marketing terminologies, I decided to turn my back on it all and work with an image from my childhood ... relaxing hours of knitting, hanging out with friends and chit-chat. But there’s more to knitting than just relaxing. It offers an incredible satisfaction and pride in your own efforts and your creations! It’s this original chain that I intend to keep and not break... a chain of sharing techniques, knowledge and emotions.

So, with all this in mind, ‘Afrati Mallou’ was created. Our aim is to always provide quality yarn and offer the best service. We are always looking for new trends in the market and new innovative materials.

It is really very simple: we love quality and wool!

With love

Dimitra Kani